2022 Toyota Crown Sport Concept

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Image for 2022 Toyota Crown Sport Concept - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2022 Toyota Crown Sport Concept - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2022 Toyota Crown Sport Concept - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2022 Toyota Crown Sport Concept - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2022 Toyota Crown Sport Concept - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2022 Toyota Crown Sport Concept - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2022 Toyota Crown Sport Concept - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2022 Toyota Crown Sport Concept - Exteriors, Interiors and Details

About the Car

2022 Toyota Crown Sport Concept

TOYOTA has unveiled the all new Crown for the first time in the world, and will release the Crown (Crossover type) as the first model around the fall of this year . 

The Crown made its initial debut in 1955 as Toyota’s first mass production passenger vehicle created with Toyota’s own domestic technology. The DNA of “innovation and limit-pushing” that led to the creation of the first independently developed luxury car in the early postwar period has been passed down to successive models of Crowns for the past 67 years, always pursuing new values that are one step ahead of the times and loved by many customers. However, the times have changed even faster, and the Crown has become unable to fully meet the diversifying needs of its customers, and its presence as a flagship vehicle has become less significant.

2022 Toyota Crown Sport Concept

In designing the new Crown, the development team thoroughly reexamined what “Crown” is, and as a result of their pursuit of a “Crown for a new era,” they have created four completely new models. In addition to the Crossover type, a new style that combines a sedan and an SUV, the Sport offers a sporty driving experience with an enticing atmosphere and an easy-to-drive package. The Sedan is a new formal design that meets the needs of chauffeurs, and the Estate is a functional SUV with a mature atmosphere and ample driving space. The new series will be rolled out in about 40 countries and regions.

The details of the new Crown (Crossover type) are as follows.

Vehicle Outline

  1. The “Crown” for the future reimagined from the ground up with a high-quality minimalist design

Exterior Design

  • The stylish, coupe-like silhouette is combined with elevated styling that conveys a sense of strength, achieving both fluidity and dynamism and expressing a completely new form of a flagship vehicle for a new era.
  • The headlights and taillights, connected from left to right in a single straight line, and the side view that expresses sophistication through surface variation without relying on character lines, combine to create a simple yet refined and majestic design.
  • Large-diameter tires that break with the conventional idea of a sedan have been adopted. By applying innovations to the body structure to create an underbody that extends outward close to the sides of the body and carefully examining the balance of the spaces between the body and the tires, we have created a powerful style that is neither a sedan nor an SUV with the sense of stability representative of an elevated sedan.

Interior Design

  • Horizontally integrating the display and operating equipment creates a functional layout that can be operated intuitively from any seat. The wrap-around form from the instrument panel to the doors also give a sense that all seats are special, enabling the driver to focus on driving and providing comfortable and enjoyable mobility for passengers.
  • Meticulous attention to every interior component, including the understated and welcoming decorations of WARM STEEL, an invitingly shaped and comfortable shift knob, seats that focus on instantly recognizable finishing and provide a sense of security when seated, and other features, helps create a space with a sense of quality and richness.

Color Design

  • In terms of body colors, the newly developed “Precious Bronze” and “Precious Ray” as well as other distinctive bytone colors are coordinated to express the new Crown’s transformation. A total of 12 body color and four interior color combinations offer a wide range of variations.

2. Effortless and dignified driving and a comfortable ride becoming of a Toyota flagship

2.4-liter Turbo Hybrid System

  • The hybrid system, which combines an inline 4-cylinder turbo engine that produces powerful torque even at low RPM, the latest eAxle electric powertrain that provides high driving torque, and a newly-developed bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery have been combined for the first time by Toyota. The hybrid system responds linearly to the operation of the accelerator by the driver creating a driving feel with a sense of comfortable acceleration.

2.5-liter Series Parallel Hybrid System

  • The Crown (Crossover type) is equipped with an optimized, high-efficiency hybrid system and a newly-developed bi-polar nickel-hydrogen battery, achieving class-leading fuel economy and quietness and further advancing the high-quality and smooth driving performance distinctive of the Crown.

Newly developed platform

  • Using a hip point higher than earlier sedans enabled through the adoption of large-diameter wheels makes entry and exit easier and allows excellent visibility. Additional space is provided above the head and to the front and rear to create a comfortable interior space with the sense that every seat is a first-class seat.
  • While the package prioritizes ease of entry and exit and driving, the TNGA platform provides a lightweight and well-balanced high-rigidity body. The use of McPherson struts in the front and a multi-link suspension in the rear also allows for solid straight-line stability characteristic of the Crown, agility, and a flat feeling that does not blur the line of sight. All these features along with a smooth ride with minimal vibration were pursued to achieve a comfort level that makes you want to stay in the car for a long time.

3.The most advanced safety and driving support systems provide reassuring and convenient driving

Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Safety Sense,*2 the latest active safety package with advanced and improved functions, is standard on all Crown grades. The range of accidents it can respond to has been expanded even further, enabling enjoyable driving with peace of mind.

Toyota Teammate

The new Crown (Crossover type) is equipped with Toyota Teammate, a suite of driver-assistance technologies. Advanced Drive*3 (support during traffic congestion), which supports safe driving in traffic congestion, Advanced Park*3 (with remote function), which automatically parks and exits from a parking space in a variety of parking situations and can be operated remotely as well, and other safety and convenient advanced functions are included.

The new Crown (Crossover type) will also start being offered via the KINTO*4 car subscription service. When ordered through KINTO, automobile insurance, periodic maintenance, and various other vehicle expenses are included in the monthly payments. Customers, corporations, and individuals can sign up either online or at a dealer to enjoy easy access.

In addition, if the “Cancellation Fee Free Plan” is selected as the payment method, the cancellation fee can be reduced to zero and the vehicle usage can be continued after the expiration of the initial three-year contract period by paying a predetermined application fee. The CROSSOVER G “Advanced Leather Package” monthly fee starts at 89,100 JPY (including tax).


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