2022 Ford Maverick Brazilian Version

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Picture of 2022 Ford Maverick Brazilian Version
Picture of 2022 Ford Maverick Brazilian Version
Picture of 2022 Ford Maverick Brazilian Version
Picture of 2022 Ford Maverick Brazilian Version
Picture of 2022 Ford Maverick Brazilian Version
Picture of 2022 Ford Maverick Brazilian Version
Picture of 2022 Ford Maverick Brazilian Version
Picture of 2022 Ford Maverick Brazilian Version
Picture of 2022 Ford Maverick Brazilian Version
Picture of 2022 Ford Maverick Brazilian Version
Picture of 2022 Ford Maverick Brazilian Version
Picture of 2022 Ford Maverick Brazilian Version
Picture of 2022 Ford Maverick Brazilian Version
Picture of 2022 Ford Maverick Brazilian Version
Picture of 2022 Ford Maverick Brazilian Version

About the Car

2022 Ford Maverick Brazilian Version

Ford starts this month the sale of Maverick, a global pickup that arrives to expand the brand’s portfolio and inaugurate a new segment in Brazil. Made for those looking for something beyond the vehicles on the market today, it brings unique features, with a proposal that combines the versatility and robustness of pickup trucks with the handling of premium sedans and the comfort of SUVs.

Brazil is one of the first countries to receive the new pickup after North America, where it was named “Pickup of the Year” and is a sales success. So much so that this year’s production has already been fully booked and new orders will only be accepted for the 2023 line.

2022 Ford Maverick - Brazilian Version

Urban, sporty and with an off-road profile, the Maverick follows the robust style of the other trucks of the brand. The load capacity of 617 kg and the bucket with 943 liters leave no doubt that this is a real pickup. Its SUV side begins to reveal itself when you enter the cabin, lower (218 mm), comfortably and without any effort. With a length situated between the medium and intermediate pickups (5,073 mm), it is also easy to maneuver in the city and surprises with generous space for five passengers and luggage.

Another surprise is the agility of the 253 hp EcoBoost 2.0 turbo engine, which accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7 seconds, with an eight-speed automatic transmission. AWD all-wheel drive, 17” wheels with Pirelli 225/65 R17 Scorpion all-terrain tires and five steering modes ensure great performance on the trails too.

In addition to FordPass Connect connectivity for remote commands, information and alerts via cell phone, the new pickup comes with: automatic LED headlights, seven airbags, dual-zone air conditioning, autonomous braking assistant with pedestrian and cyclist detection, auto-start. stop, multimedia SYNC with 8-inch screen, stability and traction control, reversing camera and keyboard for opening the doors by code, among other equipment.

Maverick is offered in the exclusive Lariat FX4 version, top of the line, developed especially for the Brazilian market, for R$239,990 (Brasilia base). It also has several customization accessories and has the option of shielding made by a certified company.

New trend

Ford is attentive to the change in consumer behavior and has identified a growing trend in the personal use of pickup trucks, which today already exceeds work and mixed applications. However, there was a lack of a specific vehicle for this customer profile, a space that Maverick came to occupy.

The Maverick brings all the styling elements of the brand’s family of pickup trucks, such as an imposing hood, square silhouette of clean and solid surfaces and wheels positioned outside the body to emphasize the musculature. A lower waistline and lower center of gravity make access to the cab and bucket easier. This design also expands the glazed area, increasing the interaction of passengers with the external environment.

C-headlights joined to the grille and connected by a bar are another signature of Ford pickups. The lower part of the bumper, in black, incorporates two functional tow hooks. The rear with a bar connecting the two lights is also characteristic of the line. The Lariat badge on the side and the FX4 badge on the rear identify the version. The rear license plate was shifted to the right to meet the Mercosur standard.

The bucket features the innovative “Flexbed” system, with recesses, lashing points and accessories that allow adapting the space to each type of load, in addition to a side compartment with a socket for accessories. The lid comes with an electric lock and can be adjusted in three positions to accommodate larger objects.

The color palette of the new pickup includes ten options of a lot of personality and modernity, such as Delhi Orange, Aurora Red and three shades of blue: Lyse, Indianapolis and Malacara, in addition to the traditional Arctic White, Asturias Black, Dew Silver and Dover and Torres gray.


2022 Ford Maverick – Brazilian Version Front View 3/4

2022 Ford Maverick - Brazilian Version Front View 3/4

generous space

The Maverick interior also brings an innovative design concept, with smart solutions to optimize space, practicality and comfort. The straight roof provides more headroom in the second row and the square silhouette of the columns and windows favors lateral amplitude.

The cabin combines dark, gray and ocher tones and has copper accents on the air vents, console and doors to signal the points of contact with the vehicle. The door panels are carved in a stone shape, with a split armrest to accommodate a water bottle.

The seats feature a premium finish and eight-position electric adjustment for the driver. For the passenger, the adjustment is manual in six positions. The leather-covered steering wheel has height and depth adjustment. Among the various storage compartments, the highlight is a 73-liter compartment under the rear seat, fully sealed, which allows you to carry even wet items.

The center console has an integrated storage compartment and armrest. In addition to the rotary gear selector, it brings together the vehicle’s electronic commands: traction control, electric handbrake, driving modes, start-stop, automatic descent control and auto hold.

The rear seat has a central armrest, two USB ports (type A and C) and its space can be used to transport a bicycle across – also accommodated by the design of the doors. Tray-shaped mats make cleaning easy and protect the carpet. All very beautiful, practical and designed to make life easier.

Maverick also offers a line with more than 18 customization accessories, such as: electric or manual hard top, marine top, skid plate, hitch tip, bucket extender and divider, organizer boxes, bicycle support, mudguard spreader, running boards and roof spoiler and tailgate. And the customer can use the fittings available on the vehicle (FITS system) to create their own 3D printer accessories.

sports footprint

When accelerating the Maverick, the driver does not even realize that he is in a vehicle with a curb weight of 1,744 kg, which reaches 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds. This is due to the latest generation EcoBoost 2.0 GTDi engine, with aluminum block, cylinder head and pistons, which develops 253 hp (@ 5,500 rpm) and torque of 38.7 kgfm (@ 3,000 rpm).

The eight-speed automatic transmission has direct and smooth shifts and has a reduced Low mode for engine braking. AWD drive automatically distributes torque between the axles as needed and contributes to the vehicle’s exceptional dynamic behavior.

The five driving modes – Normal, Mud/Dirt, Sand, Slippery and Towing/Hauling – automatically adjust the map of acceleration, torque, gearshift RPM and traction and stability control sensitivity for each type of surface.

Another advantage of Maverick is fuel economy: it does 8.8 km/l in the city and 11.1 km/l on the highway. The start-stop system and active front grille contribute to its Inmetro Category A efficiency.

Secure and connected

Maverick brings solutions developed from the customer’s needs. The keypad for opening the door installed on the B-pillar, for example, can be used when you want to take a dip without taking the key. In addition to the usual equipment, it comes with electric steering, dual-zone air conditioning, keyless access and start, 6.5″ digital panel, acoustic windshield, full-size spare tire, perimeter alarm with immobilizer and rear window. with electric drive.

The FordPass connectivity system allows remote and scheduled starting from anywhere to keep the cabin at the ideal temperature when you leave. It is also possible to lock and unlock doors, check fuel and tire pressure, locate the vehicle, receive alarm and operation alerts, access the owner’s manual and schedule services at dealerships via cell phone.

Maverick is also the first model, after Transit, to have intelligent preventive monitoring, using connectivity. If a vehicle failure alert is issued, depending on the severity, the customer may be proactively contacted by an agent with recommendations for their resolution.


2022 Ford Maverick – Brazilian Version Interior

2022 Ford Maverick - Brazilian Version Interior

The customer can also count on technical assistance in conference, calling the Ford assistance phone if necessary, so that a specialist attendant can put him in contact with the workshop manager of the nearest Ford dealership. Thus, an immediate solution can be found wherever it is or removal of the vehicle to the dealership, if necessary. To use these new services, customers simply install the FordPass app, register their Ford Maverick and activate FordPass Connect.

Another Maverick differential is the robust package of security items. The automatic braking assistant with pedestrian and cyclist detection can bring the vehicle to a complete stop at up to 50 km/h if the driver is distracted (above that, it reduces the impact). The electric handbrake has an auto hold system, activated automatically after 2 seconds of stopping.

It also comes with seven airbags, post-collision braking assistant, automatic downhill control (adjustable up to 32 km/h), hill start assistant, automatic high beam and reversing camera. The reinforced structure of the body, the robust radiator and the metallic protector under the vehicle are other items that bring confidence in your driving.

Engineering reference

Ford used all of its world-leading pickup truck experience in the development of the Maverick. To earn the family’s Raça Forte seal of quality, it has driven more than 30 million kilometers in extreme terrain and temperature conditions and passed the same tests as the Ranger and the F Series, North America’s best-selling pickup truck for 45 consecutive years. .

This work was complemented by Brazilian engineering, which adapted and certified Maverick to meet the demands of our market. In the dynamic validation and validation of all embedded systems, it ran more than 500,000 km at Ford’s proving ground in Tatuí, SP.

In addition to the engine and transmission calibration, another focus of this development was the suspension, which has an independent multilink system at the rear and received new hydraulic dampers (HRS).

Maverick already comes with pre-installation for trailer, with electrical harness, own anchor and capacity for 499 kg. To use it, just purchase the coupling kit with metal tip and ABNT seven-pin harness, available as an accessory. When it is engaged, the system automatically recognizes it, activates trailer mode and displays a warning on the dashboard, which makes it easier to use even by those who have no experience with this type of equipment.

easy maintenance

Like the Bronco Sport, the model with which it shares the platform, the Ford Maverick is produced in Mexico, with a global standard of quality, and offers a lower cost of ownership when compared to similar vehicles in the same price range.

The first five revisions, covering 60 months or 60,000 km, cost R$5,840 (1st revision: R$1,066; 2nd revision: R$1,066; 3rd revision: R$1,240; 4th revision: R$1,362; 5th revision: R$1,106). The customer also has the option to purchase Ford Protect maintenance plans.


2022 Ford Maverick – Brazilian Version Rear View 3/4

2022 Ford Maverick - Brazilian Version Rear View 3/4

The Ford Protect Basic plan covers the three warranty period revisions (36 months or 30,000 km) for R$3,203 and offers an additional 12 months of the Ford Assistance program. The Protect Plus plan covers five overhauls (60 months or 50,000 km) for R$5,548, with an additional 24 months of Ford Assistance.

Anyone who wants to shield Maverick can hire the service of Leandrini Blindagens, a company certified by Ford, at the time of purchase, preserving the pickup’s original warranty. Level 3-A shielding with super-light glass (AGP33) costs R$78,500, offers a five-year warranty on the shielding material and can have its value included in the financing.


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